Download A Little Queen of Hearts Ebook by Ruth Ogden

Download A Little Queen of Hearts Ebook by Ruth Ogden Download Free Ebook

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A Little Queen of Hearts Ebook by Ruth Ogden

Name of Ebook : A Little Queen of Hearts Ebook

A Little Queen of Hearts Ebook Author's Name : Ruth Ogden

Category : Story (A Little Queen of Hearts Ebook by Ruth Ogden)

Language : English

Available Ebook Formats: PDF, EPUB, KINDLE

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Description (Inside A Little Queen of Hearts Ebook by Ruth Ogden) : In the "A Little Queen of Hearts Ebook written by Ruth Ogden presented very interesting story about a lady heart. He was a thoroughly manly little fellow—nobody questioned that for a moment, not even Ted; and yet there he sat, his head bowed upon his folded arms, while now and then something very like a sob seemed to shake the well-knit figure and give the boyish head an undignified little bob. When at last he looked up, behold proof positive. There were tears not only in his eyes, but on the sleeve of his Eton jacket; and there was no longer any question but that Harold Harris, sturdy little Englishman though he was, had been having what is known on both sides of the water as a good, hard cry. “How old was he?” asks Young America, a little mistrustful as to the right sort of stuff; but what does it matter how old he was, since this is certain, that he was not the boy to cry under any circumstances without abundant reason. It was evident now, however, that he was fast getting the better of himself. He sat up, and resting his head on one hand, reached with the other for the paper-knife, and began cutting queer little geometrical figures on the big silver-cornered blotter that half covered the table. It was evident too that his thoughts were not at all on what he was doing, and that the hard cry was being followed by a good, hard think. But this did not last long; Harold was simply trying to make up his mind, as the phrase goes, and that soon accomplished, he drew pen, paper and ink toward him and commenced writing a letter, with his head on one side and his lips tightly pursed together. Indeed, he never unpursed them until that same letter was sealed and directed and the stamp affixed with a very determined little air, as though firmly resolved that the thing he had done should brook no undoing. Then he slipped into his coat and hurried out to post it, and a few yards from the door he met Ted, who was just coming home...................

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